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Auto Shutdown Free v8.6 Download 2024 Latest Full PC

Auto Shutdown Free v8.6 Download 2024 Latest Full PC

Auto Shutdown Free v8.6 Download takes only a few seconds to get the hang of. Silently operating in the background, Wise Auto Shutdown will minimize itself in the system tray. Its icon can be right-clicked to bring up a menu where you can quickly restart or shut down the computer with just one mouse click.

One of the features of the Windows operating system that keeps your computer safe and secure is automatic shutdown in Windows 10. To extend the life of the operating system, we generally prefer that our system shut down correctly each time. However, there are times when working late at night on your computer makes it difficult to remember to shut it down. In those situations, you should use your computer’s automatic shutdown scheduler.

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There is no easier way to use Wise Auto Shutdown’s interface. There are no dialog boxes, menus, or difficult settings. It has a distinct two-panel division. It is simple to choose the task you want to complete on the left, set a time for it to be completed on the right, and then begin working on it.

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Some, on the other hand, may prefer to watch a movie or listen to music before going to bed, but they may fall asleep quickly or find it difficult to get up in time to shut down their computers. Still, others may be constantly on the go and forget to shut down Windows.

Numerous Methods for Determining Time

With three easy-to-use time-schedule options, Free Auto Shutdown lets you perform different computer tasks at specific times.

DotEase of Use

Free Auto Shutdown provides a clean user interface and clear operation information. With a few clicks, computer-automated tasks can be completed by both experts and beginners with ease.

DotFree Automatic Shutdown Tool

A completely free tool called Free Auto Shutdown can help you plan when your computer will turn off, restart, go into standby, and go into hibernation. It is free to use, update, and receive technical support without any additional or hidden costs.

DotExtend the Life of the Monitor

By turning off the computer and blacking out the screen when it’s time, you can prolong the life of your monitor by using Free Auto Shutdown to reduce the amount of time it is used.

DotSave Time Spent Waiting

When large files are being scanned or downloaded, or when crucial applications must run on computers for extended periods, you might become impatient waiting for Windows to shut down manually.

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The software has two settings in total. You can select which action you want the computer to perform (such as shutting down or restarting), as well as the hour at which you want it to occur and whether you want it to happen every day or just on a specific day, using the first two options.

One really helpful tool is Wise Auto Shutdown, which enables you to automatically restart your computer each night while you sleep. Furthermore, it barely uses any space on the hard drive and uses very little resources.

What has changed?

  • Features an intuitive wizard-based interface for setup
  • Provides a wide range of settings to meet every need
  • Integrate cleanup activities with shutdown events
  • Secure your shutdown configuration using a pass

Windows XP or later is the operating system.

  • RAM requirements: 512 MB minimum
  • 20MB of hard drive space
  • using the internet to update software

With the help of Wise Auto Shutdown, you can program the computer to shut down, restart, power off, log off, sleep, hibernate, and lock the screen either once at a set time or regularly. It greatly simplifies and improves the convenience of your power management. Recognize the distinction between hibernation and sleep.

Auto Shutdown Free v8.6 Portable

With Wise Auto Shutdown, you can program the task to run every day, precisely at that time, on a specific date and time, or after a manually-specified amount of time from the task’s activation point. Reminders can be turned on so you’ll know five minutes before the task is completed.


  • Set up sleep, log off, restart, and shut down automatically.
  • Able to adjust time.
  • Mode of silent running.
  • A straightforward user interface.

Auto Shutdown Free v8.6 2024 Latest Full PC | Overall

Since anyone with any level of experience can use the program with ease, there is no help file required. Conversely, Auto Shutdown’s feature set is rather constrained. For instance, you are unable to program the tool to launch an application or turn off the computer when the CPU drops below a predetermined threshold.

System Specifications  and Technical information

  • Operating Systems Supported: Windows 10, Windows v8.6 , Windows 7
  • RAM: 2 GB of RAM (memory); 4 GB is advised.
  • 200 MB or more of free hard disk space

How to Use the Auto Shutdown Crack and Install It?

  1. The previous version must first be removed using the IOBIT Uninstaller.
  2. Download it, then use WinRAR to extract the files.
  3. Setup should be installed.
  4. To activate, utilize a keygen.
  5. Have fun!






All things considered, Auto Shutdown has all the components needed and is sufficient for computer automation, and we heartily suggest it to anyone who prefers simple software.

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