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Avast Secure Browser v112.0.21002.138 Free 2024 Full Download Latest

Avast Secure Browser v112.0.21002.138 Free 2024 Full Download Latest

To significantly speed up website loads, Avast Secure Browser Free Downlaod automatically blocks online advertisements. To allow you to browse without interruption, hide all ads or just the most bothersome ones. With just one click, activate Bank Mode if you already have Avast Free Antivirus 2024 Download or Avast Premium Security Free installed.

Avast Secure Browser MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

This will help you protect your passwords, credit card information, and other private information from prying eyes by using encrypted browsing technology. The well-known security firm Avast created the Avast Secure Browser as a tool to assist you in securely and safely browsing the Internet. This application is a great option if you’re looking for a simple and functional alternative to other well-known browsers.

Key Features Free:

  • Immerse yourself in the amazing features surrounding the privacy concerns of the world’s most secure app.
  • The option to fingerprint lock apps on adaptive devices and lock apps with a PIN that only you know.
  • Without any difficulties, users can continue to synchronize data and the most important information between the two devices.
  • Users who want to watch the best movies are troubled by the feature that blocks all annoying ads.
  • Get the opportunity to browse extremely quickly; no need to wait while using incognito mode.

Main Features Full (2024) Free:

Browse more quickly

Because fewer loading screens result in faster browsing, we automatically block intrusive ads. Quick surfing with no disruptions.

Take charge

To make it simple for you to adjust your browser to your own needs, we’ve gathered all of your tools in one convenient Security and Privacy Center.


Allows you to choose whether to block all advertisements or just the more aggressive and intrusive ones, and it stops ads to speed up webpage loads.

Anti-Phishing Software

Blocks malicious websites and downloads to keep viruses, spyware, and ransomware off of your computer.

Preventing Tracking

Stops websites, ad networks, and other online services from tracking your online activities, and protecting your privacy.

Stealth Mode

Clears any tracking cookies and web cache that you may have picked up during that browsing session and stops your browsing history from being saved.

HTTPS Encryption

This makes all websites that are compatible with it use encryption to hide all data that is sent to and from your browser, making it unreadable by others.

Manager of Passwords

Create, save, and automatically fill in your login information for your preferred websites.

What’s New?

  • When you install trusted and known add-ons or plugins, Extension Guard prevents unwanted ones from being installed, keeping you safer.
  • With just one click, Privacy Cleaner can remove cookies, cached images, browser history, and other unwanted items from your computer, protecting your privacy and freeing up disk space.
  • To prevent Flash-based content from using up excessive computer resources, Flash Protect automatically prevents it from running until you explicitly authorize it.

A User-Friendly and Highly Automated Interface/Working Full Free:

  • Web browsers from Avast are renowned for having incredibly user-friendly interfaces.
  • For instance, the Avast browser comes with the AdBlock extension installed by default, which helps you stay away from any third-party adverts and other distracting content.
  • Additionally, there are anti-tracking settings that prevent websites from tracking your movements or obtaining personal information.
  • Another special tool that aids in preventing the installation of unwanted and malicious browser extensions is Extension Guard.


  • The Avast browser is designed to give users a sense of comfort and confidence in the additional security and privacy features it offers.

Avast Secure Browser 91.0 Free 2024 Full Download Latest

Are you sick and weary of having advertisements play whenever you read a story or watch a video?

We automatically disable them for you, which keeps everything lighter and faster in addition to preventing clutter.

System specifications and technical information:

  • Operating systems supported: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and Windows 7.
  • RAM: 2 GB of RAM (memory); 4 GB is advised.
  • 200 MB or more of free hard disk space

How to install Avast Secure Browser after downloading it

  1.  Download the application
  2. Turn off Windows Defender
  3. Deconstruct
  4. Install

Direct Download Link >>> LINK 


Key: 5678YUGFRT567YUY67YT67

Serial: 678UHYT67YUHGT67678Y

License: 567YUHGFRT67UYHYF2345

Activation: 678UIYTFR543WESW345E5

Registration: 567YUFDR54EDSE45RTF56

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