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Awesome Video Player Free 2024 Download Windows Full

Awesome Video Player Free 2024 Download Windows Full

Awesome Video Player Download, also known as AVPlayer, is a cutting-edge free Windows program that enables users to view several videos in any format on one PC screen at once like never before. It’s excellent for watching several scenes in succession, browsing through a big library of films, or, as we do a lot, watching our library of AV, or, well, Awesome films.

Awesome Video Player Free Keygen + PC Full Latest Review

It allows viewers to watch up to 16 videos at once on each screen, or 32 videos on two monitors, with the videos being automatically ordered to make the most use of the available screen space. The only restrictions on the amount of videos that can be played at once are those related to the available GPU and CPU resources. After that, the videos are quickly reloaded for more enjoyment and saved into handy playlists.

Main Characteries/ Main Features Free:

  • File Manager: Rather than sifting through several folders and memory cards, arrange your data in lists.
  • Subtitles: Multilingual compatibility
  • Theme Selection: Pick an aesthetic that suits your personality!
  • Video formats that are supported include MP4, WMV, RMVB, 3GP, M4V, MOV, TS, MPG, FLV, and more.
  •  Automatic Orientation: This feature plays videos in their native format by automatically detecting the orientation of the movie.
  •  Mini Screen: You can move and drop the Video Player around the screen. Use other apps while watching a video!
  • Repetition: Play videos continuously
  • Video Cutter: Edit and resize videos for social media sharing. This is a feature that video editors tend to have more of!
  • Lock Screen: You can turn off all controls and concentrate on the film with only one click!

Awesome Video Player Portable + Keys Full Working 2024

When you run the application, the UI shows you something helpful. A comprehensive list of the player’s hotkeys is available, so you’ll always know what to hit to halt videos or carry out other operations. There’s also a demo option where you may load the software and observe how it plays numerous films at once. Naturally, you may also immediately load your videos by dragging and dropping them onto the same interface.

When more than one movie is loaded, the program divides the interface into equal tiles, where your videos will begin to play automatically.

Awesome Video Player Free Full (64 bits)

Every video has its volume and playback controls, allowing for independent playback, pausing, and muted operations. Additionally, you may use a single click to magnify a specific video throughout the entire interface if you wish to concentrate on it. Here, the hotkeys can provide a good level of comfort. For example, you can pause and resume each movie independently using the number keys on your keyboard.

Main Features:5

  •  Playlist compatibility plus extra eye candy for Xposed Framework users
  • Fantastic Search – a simple method for locating videos
  • “First-row” tab. is a one-stop shop to find local trending videos.
    Support for Chromecast is presently offered for external videos. Cheers to your successful chrome casting.
  •  THEMES: You can change the player’s colors to fit the theme of your phone. Is that Android, then?
    Hide all videos except those from YouTubeTM:
    Snap to the edges. The player clamps directly to the edge of the screen when it gets close. The player should no longer attempt to line up with the edges.

What’s Fresh?

We appreciate your amazing input! We have fixed the following:
  • Fixed crashing on Android 7.0
  • Fixed log issues on some devices
  • Performance improvements
  • Additional adjustments based on your feedback

With its ability to play numerous videos from your computer in a single window and provide you with unique controls for each one, Awesome Video Player is a dependable tool. Its easy-to-use design and plenty of straightforward features enable many users to effortlessly take advantage of its potential.


  • The application is free.
  • The user can utilize this program without any cost if they choose not to deal with adverts.
    Plays up to sixteen videos at once.
  • Uses the resources of the computer very little.

Awesome Video Player Free 2024 Download Windows Full

Up to 16 videos can be played at once using the software. The best aspect is that playing numerous films at once won’t significantly impair your performance.

Download Free >>> LINK


You have a really good and distinct gamer on your hands when you also consider that managing the videos isn’t difficult.


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